Private Drop-Off
This is legendary service with a personal touch. Monaco Suites tower will have a private drop-off and the staff proactively responds to your needs. They know your birthdays and anniversaries, and help make those moments unforgettable. They anticipate when you require transportation to the airport, or a massage after a workout. Without being intrusive, the staff expertly fulfills your needs and wishes, making daily life here as care-free as being on holiday.
Welcome to Monaco Bay
This is Monaco Bay, home to the most fortunate people in the world.
With a sophisticated cafe culture, vibrant arts and sporting calendar, superlative educational
institutions and relaxed outdoor lifestyle.Monaco Bay holds the crown as the most liveable, lovable city on the planet.
Welcome to Monaco Bay
Centrally located on Boulevard Manado sparkling oceanfront,
Manado is the city's playground. Though just meters from the Monaco Bay,
the mood here is about pleasure and business - reflecting the city's commercial
lights in the ocean dazzling, glamorous jewels.