Urban Renewal Global


What makes a busy city tick along? Here we outline some simple improvements we'd like to see shaping our metropolises into more inclusive places to live, from winding roads to rotating benches.

Andrew Tuck and Tyler Brule

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It's funny how the smallest details can give a city a bit of a glow. A gleaming new opera house may be welcome but sometimes it's the things that can go unnoticed â€" and that cost virtually nothing â€" that keep a city ticking along nicely. As MONOCLE's editor travel the globe they see these minute interventions and also spot where some urban thought is still needed.

Here are some of the developments that we'd like to see shaping our metropolises. They run from simple planning ideas to changes in attitude; cities need to be more friendly and less likely to tell you off for locking your bike to railings, for example.

The encouraging thing is that plenty of people are changing their neighborhoods for the better. The days when a lone Jane Jacobs challenged how our cities are being planned are long gone. Today modest projects, from ad hoc planting to seating outside shops, are being undertaken by all sorts of folk. Sure, mayors don't always listen to their citizens but there's a drift towards more inclusive cities. So gather up your checklists and lobby for the change you want in the place you call home.