The Dream Comes True


Located in St. Regis Hotel, Beijing, President Joko Widodo held a briefing with the North Sulawesi Governor Dr. Sinyo Harry Sarundajang. Governor expressed the readiness of the North Sulawesi provincial government to welcomes investment from China in the development of industrial estates in the Special Economic Zone Bitung-Minut, toll road infrastructure development, fisheries and agro-industry.

Travel Guide, 6th edition

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President Jokowi amazed by the Governor Sarundajang breakthrough. The President wanted the ground breaking industrial estate development accelerated and carried out in May this year. President praised the persistence of the Governor of North Sulawesi, “If all the Governors in Indonesia such as Mr. Sarundajang, I believe we had much success in accelerating national development” said President Jokowi.

Earlier, President Jokowi feel the public transportation in Beijing by train at Dongzhimen Subway Station. Accompanied by the Minister for Economic Affairs Sofyan Djalil, Minister for BUMN Rini Soemarno, Gead of BKPM Franku Sibarani, Governor or North Sulawesi Sarundajang, and President of China Railway Sheng Guangzu. President amazed at the rapid advances in mass transportation system in Beijing.

Governor Sarundajang said, the government province of North Sulawesi has synergistically cooperated with Chinese Investors do build a Railway Networks from Makassar do Manado Ana other cities in Sulawesi. The governor signed The MOA Alt State-owned China-CCCC (China Communications Construction Company) which had previously signed MOU, concerning Investment in The infrastruktur Development of Special Economic Zones Ana witnessed Bay President Jokowi with President Jokowi with President Xi Jinping at The Great Hall of People.

Accompany Governor Sarundajang Assistant Development Ana Economic Affairs Sanny Parengkuan, Head of Planning Agency Roy Roring, Head of Trade Ana Industry Jenny Karouw, Head of Economic Jane Mendur, Head of Law Marsel Sendoh, Ana Special staff Governor for Development Planning Franky Manumpil.

Keep the spirit through Wills and Hie term as Governor of North Sulawesi, DR. S.H. Sarundayang continue do work hard to advance The North Sulawesi.

Governor Sarundajang received a Special Task with Minister Sofian Djalil and Minister of Industry Saleh Husin entered into a collaboration in Economics with The Chinese government.

The meeting China Minister of Economic Yang Jiechi, and Minister for Economic Affairs, discuss Economic Development initiatives related to Maritime Pivot President Jokowi in Iine with The Maritime Silk Road which developed by The President Xi Jinping.

In this high-level meeting, the Governor explain the details of the progress of Development of KEK Bitung, Toll Road Development Manado-Bitung, and Development of Fishing Industry and Agro-Industry. Governor Said projects ready to be offered to investors, such as Geothermal in Minahasa, Bolmong, and Bitung and Port Development in Sangihe Islands Regency, Talaud and Sitaro. Earlier, the Governor of North Sulawesi signed a memorandum of understanding with the President of CCCC in regional infrastructure development of industrial cooperation.

The Indonesian delegation then met the Prime Minister of China Li Keqiang. Furthermore, following the meeting of financial cooperation between the President of the Export Import Bank of China and Bank of Indonesia to discuss the implementation of financing trade and investment financing. " The dream became a reality and can be forwarded to governor who will replace me for the development of more advanced North Sulawesi in the Age of Pacific Awekening”, said Governor Dr. S. H. Sarundajang.